July 01, 2020

The Board of Directors

Diane Greenlaw (President), Kyle Bergeson (Vice President), John Greenlaw (Secretary & Past President), Ken Bergeron (Treasurer), Greg Davagian, Jon Heslin, Jesse Limanek, Carl Licopoli, Guy Powell, Cheryl Rawinski, Bob Recore, Ken Stuart, and Terry Windle

June 30, 2018

The Officers

Diane Greenlaw, President

Kyle Bergeson, Vice President

John Greenlaw, Secretary & Immediate Past President

Ken Bergeron, Treasurer

May 31, 2019

The Club

Kathleen Bergeron, Ken Bergeron, Carl Bergeson,  Geoff Cushner, Greg Davagian (Tail Twister), Ryan Fattman, Diane Greenlaw, John Greenlaw, Dave Hall, Jon Heslin, Peter Keenan, Carl Licopoli, Jesse Limanek, Dan McNamara, Pam Montemagno, Ray (RJ) Nichols, Craig Penterson, Dave Perry, Rob Phipps, Guy Powell, Paul Rabuffo, Cheryl Rawinski, Bob Recore, Ken Stuart, Dick Trudell, and Terry Windle

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