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Our Mission

Our club gives members an opportunity to advance worthy causes, serve with friends, and become leaders in the community. This club means a lot to our Lions, but it means so much more to the people we serve.  We want to share the great things we’re doing in the community, and let others know how they can help.


The Lions’ motto is “We Serve,” and the Sutton Lions Club has lived up to it. For over thirty years, the club has supported our community through our Scholarship Fund, Fuel Assistance Program, Hardship Assistance, All-State Band and many other causes. We also support diabetes, eye research and other Lions sponsored charities.

Make an electronic  contribution to the Sutton Lions to benefit the local, regional, and international funds we support.  

Join the Sutton Lions.  We all benefit by participation! You can meet new people, impact the local community through participation in events, and bring your experience and talents to help this dynamic 
organization in new endeavors!

Click here for more information on the many organizations we have contributed to and worked with over the years.


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P.O. Box 714 Sutton, MA 01590